Name as a Vehicle of Communication: A Case of the Efiks of Nigerias Cross River State

  title={Name as a Vehicle of Communication: A Case of the Efiks of Nigerias Cross River State},
  author={Patrick Ene Okon},
  journal={International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies},
  • P. Okon
  • Published 1 June 2017
  • Linguistics
  • International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies
This paper seeks to examine the Efik naming system and how it communicates the cultural and genealogical identity of the Efik people of Cross River State of Nigeria. In-depth interviewing is the research technique used for this study. Altogether, 28 persons - nine traditional rulers and 19 community elders - were interviewed; and this is augmented by the researcher?s intuitive knowledge. The theoretical framework adopted for the study is Bormann?s symbolic convergence symbol theory (SCT… 
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