Nalpha-acetylfusarinines: isolation, characterization, and properties.

  title={Nalpha-acetylfusarinines: isolation, characterization, and properties.},
  author={Roger E. Moore and Thomas Emery},
  volume={15 13},
The isolation, purification, and structural elucidation of a new group of naturally occurring hydroxamic acids are described. These compounds are produced by an unidentified species of Penicillium when grown on iron deficient medium. They are closely related structurally to the fusarinines, whose basic structure contains Ndelta-(cis-5-hydroxy-3-methylpent-2-enoyl)-Ndelta-hydroxy-L-ornithine, but the alpha-amino groups in the new compounds are protected by Nalpha acetyl groups. The most complex… CONTINUE READING

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