Naloxone-reversible stress-induced feeding and analgesia in the slug Limax maximus.

  title={Naloxone-reversible stress-induced feeding and analgesia in the slug Limax maximus.},
  author={Martin Kavaliers and Maurice Hirst},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={38 3},
Exposure to tail-pinch stress increased the thermal nociceptive thresholds and food intakes of the slug, Limax maximus. These stress-induced "analgesic" and feeding responses, which were similar to the behaviors observed after treatment with exogenous opiates, were blocked by the opiate antagonist, naloxone. These results indicate that exposure to stress increases endogenous opioid activity in slugs and induces various behavioral and physiological responses in a manner analogous to that… CONTINUE READING

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