Naked cuticle targets dishevelled to antagonize Wnt signal transduction.

  title={Naked cuticle targets dishevelled to antagonize Wnt signal transduction.},
  author={Rapha{\"e}l Rousset and Judith A. Mack and Keith A. Wharton and Jeffrey D. Axelrod and Ken M Cadigan and Matthew Fish and Roeland Nusse and Matthew P Scott},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={15 6},
In Drosophila embryos the protein Naked cuticle (Nkd) limits the effects of the Wnt signal Wingless (Wg) during early segmentation. nkd loss of function results in segment polarity defects and embryonic death, but how nkd affects Wnt signaling is unknown. Using ectopic expression, we find that Nkd affects, in a cell-autonomous manner, a transduction step between the Wnt signaling components Dishevelled (Dsh) and Zeste-white 3 kinase (Zw3). Zw3 is essential for repressing Wg target-gene… CONTINUE READING


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