Naked Singularities in Spherically Symmetric Inhomogeneous Tolman-Bondi Dust Cloud Collapse

  title={Naked Singularities in Spherically Symmetric Inhomogeneous Tolman-Bondi Dust Cloud Collapse},
  author={P.S.Joshi and I.H.Dwivedi},
We investigate the occurrence and nature of naked singularity for the inhomogeneous gravitational collapse of Tolman-Bondi dust clouds.It is shown that the naked singularities form at the center of the collapsing cloud in a wide class of collapse models which includes the earlier cases considered by Eardley and Smarr and Christodoulou. This class also contains self-similar as well as non-self-similar models. The structure and strength of this singularity is examined and the question is… Expand
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