Naked Power: The Practice of Stripping as a Confidence Game

  title={Naked Power: The Practice of Stripping as a Confidence Game},
  author={Lisa Pasko},
  pages={49 - 66}
  • L. Pasko
  • Published 1 February 2002
  • Psychology
  • Sexualities
The stripper-customer interaction is a complicated manipulation of emotional labour and symbolic communication. Using a series of carefully constructed interactions resembling a confidence game, strippers create and maintain control over their customers. This article uses findings from a participant-observation study performed in Hawaii and explores the motivation, social roles, and consequences involved in the striptease act. In an attempt to acquire a monetary reward, strippers: (1) forge… 
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This article has been removed from the online database. Philip O. Sijuwade has acknowledged that this article, published under his name, had in fact previously appeared elsewhere. The previous
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