Naja atra snakebite in Taiwan.

  title={Naja atra snakebite in Taiwan.},
  author={Y Mao and Po-Yu Liu and Liao-Chun Chiang and Chih-Sheng Lai and Kuo-Lung Lai and Cheng-Hsuan Ho and Te-Huo Wang and Chen-Chang Yang},
  journal={Clinical toxicology},
  volume={56 4},
BACKGROUND Naja atra snakebite is uncommon in Taiwan and causes distinct effects on its victims. Although the Taiwan government produces its own specific antivenom, little information on the management of N. atra snakebite is available. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively evaluated 183 patients admitted to two medical centers. Of these, 45 were identified as definite cases of N. atra snakebite, 86 as suspected cases, and 52 as clinical cases. Demographic data, symptomatology, and… CONTINUE READING