Naive CD8+ T-cell precursors display structured TCR repertoires and composite antigen-driven selection dynamics

  title={Naive CD8+ T-cell precursors display structured TCR repertoires and composite antigen-driven selection dynamics},
  author={Michelle A. Neller and Kristin Ladell and James E. McLaren and Katherine K. Matthews and Emma Gostick and Johanne M. Pentier and Garry Dolton and Andrea J. A. Schauenburg and Dan Koning and Ana Isabel CA Fontaine Costa and Thomas S. Watkins and Vanessa Venturi and Corey Smith and Rajiv Khanna and Kelly L. Miners and Mathew Clement and Linda Wooldridge and David K Cole and Debbie van Baarle and Andrew K. Sewell and Jacqueline M. Burrows and David A. Price and John J. Miles},
  booktitle={Immunology and cell biology},
Basic parameters of the naive antigen (Ag)-specific T-cell repertoire in humans remain poorly defined. Systematic characterization of this 'ground state' immunity in comparison with memory will allow a better understanding of clonal selection during immune challenge. Here, we used high-definition cell isolation from umbilical cord blood samples to establish the baseline frequency, phenotype and T-cell antigen receptor (TCR) repertoire of CD8(+) T-cell precursor populations specific for a range… CONTINUE READING
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