Nadja Maglica : ” Colourful Baranja ” : Traditional Clothes of Croats from Baranja


T bilingual monograph dealing with clothes worn by the Croatian peasant population in the region of Baranja is a book of wide ranging content and sumptuous graphic design (by Studio Rašić, Zagreb; translated by Jasna Bilinić-Zubak). In addition, it is a book of peculiar destiny. When its author started working on the theme in 1991, little did she know about the events soon to befall the furthest eastern region of Croatia. She could not anticipate that Baranja will be swept over by the wind of war, leaving deep mark on the former lifestyle, with a disastrous influence on the cultural inventory and a devastating effect on the people’s self-perception. This is why Nadja Maglica had to adapt her research to the circumstances, processing what was available and leaving out something of what was planned, but was not to be realized due to the situation at hand.

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