Na,K-ATPase and the role of alpha isoforms in behavior.

  title={Na,K-ATPase and the role of alpha isoforms in behavior.},
  author={Jerry B. Lingrel and Michael T Williams and Charles V Vorhees and Amy E. Moseley},
  journal={Journal of bioenergetics and biomembranes},
  volume={39 5-6},
The Na,K-ATPase is composed of multiple isoforms and the isoform distribution varies with the tissue and during development. The alpha1 isoform for example, is the major isoform in the kidney and many other tissues, while the alpha2 isoform is the predominate one in skeletal muscle. All three isoforms are found in the brain although in adult rodent brain, the alpha 3 isoform is located essentially in neurons while the alpha2 isoform is found in astrocytes and some limited neuronal populations… CONTINUE READING