Na+ Block and Permeation in a K+ Channel of Known Structure

  title={Na+ Block and Permeation in a K+ Channel of Known Structure},
  author={Crina M Nimigean and Christopher Miller},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={323 - 335}
The effects of intracellular Na(+) were studied on K(+) and Rb(+) currents through single KcsA channels. At low voltage, Na(+) produces voltage-dependent block, which becomes relieved at high voltage by a "punchthrough" mechanism representing Na(+) escaping from its blocking site through the selectivity filter. The Na(+) blocking site is located in the wide, hydrated vestibule, and it displays unexpected selectivity for K(+) and Rb(+) against Na(+). The voltage dependence of Na(+) block… CONTINUE READING
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