NW Turkey ) and the correlation to the stratigraphic system


In the frame of IGCP575 (International Geological Correlation Programme 575) a short well section of the AK-1X well (well name changed due to economic interests), located in the Amasra area of the Zonguldak Basin of NW Turkey (Fig. 1 A, B), has been revised. An atypical co-occurrence of palynological species such as Sinuspores sinuatus, Vestispora fenestrata, V. laevigata, Torispora securis, and few Thymos­ pora spp. has been observed in the palynological assemblages from NW Turkey. All these species are well-known and most form part of the ‘selected spore ranges and spore zonation of the Carboniferous system in Western Europe’ (CLAYTON et al., 1977), which became, in modified form, part of the ‘Carboniferous Time Scale’ (e.g. GRADSTEIN et al., 2004). The application of this palynostratigraphic Ab sTRA CT

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