NSVS07394765: A new low-mass eclipsing binary below 0.6 M_sun

  title={NSVS07394765: A new low-mass eclipsing binary below 0.6 M\_sun},
  author={O. cCakirli},

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An extreme-mass ratio, short-period eclipsing binary consisting of a B dwarf primary and a pre-main-sequence M star companion discovered by KELT
We present the discovery of KELT J072709 + 072007 (HD 58730), a very low mass ratio (q ≡ M2/M1 ≈ 0.07) eclipsing binary (EB) identified by the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT) survey.
A Stringent Test of Magnetic Models of Stellar Evolution
Main-sequence stars with convective envelopes often appear larger and cooler than predicted by standard models of stellar evolution for their measured masses. This is believed to be caused by stellar


The IRSA 2MASS All-Sky
  • J. of Southeastern Assoc. for Res. in Astr.,
  • 2007