NSC-640358 acts as RXRα ligand to promote TNFα-mediated apoptosis of cancer cell

  title={NSC-640358 acts as RXRα ligand to promote TNFα-mediated apoptosis of cancer cell},
  author={F. Chen and Jiebo Chen and Jiacheng Lin and A. Cheltsov and L. Xu and Y. Chen and Z. Zeng and Liqun Chen and Mingfeng Huang and Mengjie Hu and Xiaohong Ye and Y. Zhou and Guanghui Wang and Y. Su and L. Zhang and F. Zhou and X. Zhang and H. Zhou},
  journal={Protein & Cell},
  pages={654 - 666}
  • F. Chen, Jiebo Chen, +15 authors H. Zhou
  • Published 2015
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Protein & Cell
  • ABSTRACTRetinoid X receptor α (RXRα) and its N-terminally truncated version tRXRα play important roles in tumorigenesis, while some RXRα ligands possess potent anti-cancer activities by targeting and modulating the tumorigenic effects of RXRα and tRXRα. Here we describe NSC-640358 (N-6), a thiazolyl-pyrazole derived compound, acts as a selective RXRα ligand to promote TNFα-mediated apoptosis of cancer cell. N-6 binds to RXRα and inhibits the transactivation of RXRα homodimer and RXRα/TR3… CONTINUE READING
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