NR‐grep: a fast and flexible pattern‐matching tool

  title={NR‐grep: a fast and flexible pattern‐matching tool},
  author={G. Navarro},
  journal={Software: Practice and Experience},
  • G. Navarro
  • Published 2001
  • Computer Science
  • Software: Practice and Experience
  • We present nrgrep (‘non‐deterministic reverse grep’), a new pattern‐matching tool designed for efficient search of complex patterns. Unlike previous tools of the grep family, such as agrep and Gnu grep, nrgrep is based on a single and uniform concept: the bit‐parallel simulation of a non‐deterministic suffix automaton. As a result, nrgrep can find from simple patterns to regular expressions, exactly or allowing errors in the matches, with an efficiency that degrades smoothly as the complexity… CONTINUE READING
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