NOV/CCN3: A New Adipocytokine Involved in Obesity-Associated Insulin Resistance.

  title={NOV/CCN3: A New Adipocytokine Involved in Obesity-Associated Insulin Resistance.},
  author={C{\'e}cile Martinerie and Marie Line Garcia and Thi Thu Huong Do and B{\'e}n{\'e}dicte Antoine and Marthe Moldes and Guillaume Doroth{\'e}e and Chantal Kazazian and Martine Auclair and Marion Buyse and Tatiana Ledent and Pierre-Olivier Marchal and Maria Fesatidou and Adrien Beisseiche and Haruhiko Koseki and Sh{\^u}ichi Hiraoka and Christos Evangelos Chadjichristos and Bertrand Blondeau and Raphael Georges Denis and Serge H. Luquet and Bruno F{\`e}ve},
  volume={65 9},
Identification of new adipokines that potentially link obesity to insulin resistance represents a major challenge. We recently showed that NOV/CCN3, a multifunctional matricellular protein, is synthesized and secreted by adipose tissue, with plasma levels highly correlated with BMI. NOV involvement in tissue repair, fibrotic and inflammatory diseases, and cancer has been previously reported. However, its role in energy homeostasis remains unknown. We investigated the metabolic phenotype of NOV… CONTINUE READING


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