author={Nicholas Rott},
  journal={Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics},
  • N. Rott
  • Published 1990
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  • Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics

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Estudio experimental y numérico de la presión del flujo de agua en un tubo Venturi
El tubo Venturi es un dispositivo utilizado para medir el caudal en diferentes procesos de la industria. En el presente trabajo, se realiza un estudio para dos casos, uno experimental y otro numerico
The Fluid Dynamics of Heart Development: The effect of morphology on flow at several stages
The purpose of this thesis is to study the underlying fluid dynamics in various stages on heart development, in particular, the morphogenic stages when the heart is a linear heart tube as well as during the onset of ventricular trabeculation.
Transferts (imbibition, séchage) dans des matériaux bi-poreux multifonctionnels
La plupart des materiaux de construction a structure multi-echelle, comme le bois, le beton de chanvre ou le torchis, presentent des proprietes de controle de l’humidite remarquables. Pour mieux en
Comparative evaluation of DES and SAS turbulence models for incompressible flow in a Venturi tube
Computational fluid dynamics employs the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models and combines both models to perform a hybrid RANS/LES simulation of the
Rijke tube: A nonlinear oscillator
Krishna Manoj,1 Samadhan A. Pawar,2 Jürgen Kurths,3, 4 and R. I. Sujith2 1)Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 2)Department of
Performance Enhancement of Finned Tube Heat Exchanger using New Vortex Generator
The present work aims to investigate a performance enhancement in an H-shaped finned tube heat exchanger using a new design of winglet vortex generator. The new design has an aerodynamic shape that
Pipeline Leak Detection and Estimation Using Fuzzy PID Observer
The ARX–Laguerre model has been used to generate better performance in the presence of uncertainty and the proposed technique can detect leaks accurately and effectively.
The Dependence of Flue Pipe Airflow Parameters on the Proximity of an Obstacle to the Pipe’s Mouth
The obtained results prove that the proximity of an obstacle affects the sound’s fundamental frequency, as the airflow speed coming out of the flue pipe’'s mouth changes.


XXIX. An experimental investigation of the circumstances which determine whether the motion of water shall be direct or sinuous, and of the law of resistance in parallel channels
  • O. Reynolds
  • Education
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
  • 1883
1. Objects and results of the investigation.—The results of this investigation have both a practical and a philosophical aspect. In their practical aspect they relate to the law of resistance to the
An experimental inves ­ tigation of the circumstances which deter ­ mine whether the motion of water shall be direct or sinuous , and of the law of resis ­ tance in parallel channels
  • 1883
Der Luftwiderstand von Kugeln
Ein Vergleich der Luftwiderstandsziffern des Eiffelschen Laboratoriums in Paris1 mit denen, die in der Gottinger Modellversuchsanstalt gewonnen waren2, zeigte — bei befriedigender Ubereinstimmung in
History of hydraulics
The author shows his acumen in withholding judgment of the clinical significance of the chromatin test in various genital malformations and suggests that the term "intersex" be reserved for those cases which are not due to adrenal disorders.
On the Dynamical Theory of Incompressible Viscous Fluids and the Determination of the Criterion
1. The equations of motion of viscous fluid (obtained by grafting on certain terms to the abstract equations of the Eulerian form, so as to adapt these equations to the case of fluids subject to
An Album of Fluid Motion
Keywords: visualisation de l'ecoulement ; tourbillon ; dynamique des : fluides ; aubes ; cylindre ; instabilite ; ecoulement : secondaire Note: moult photos Reference Record created on 2005-11-18,
Zur hydrodynamischen Theorie der Schmiermittelreibung
Es wird die Reynoldssche Theorie auf das halbgeschlossene zylindrische Lager endlicher Breite fur konstante und veranderliche Zahigkeit des Schmiermittels angewendet. Die Losung der partiellen