NOR/Lt mice: MHC-matched diabetes-resistant control strain for NOD mice.

  title={NOR/Lt mice: MHC-matched diabetes-resistant control strain for NOD mice.},
  author={Michal Proch{\'a}zka and David V Serreze and Wayne N. Frankel and Edward H. Leiter},
  volume={41 1},
NOR/Lt is an insulitis-resistant and diabetes-free strain produced from an isolated genetic contamination within an NOD/Lt pedigree line. The albino coat-color phenotype, strain-specific endogenous retroviral profile, and skin graft tests indicated an NOD/Lt x C57BL/KsJ outcross-backcross segregant as the source of the contaminating genome. Analysis of 53 polymorphic DNA, biochemical, and immunologic markers distinguishing NOD/Lt from C57BL/KsJ revealed that 4 chromosomes (chromosomes 2, 4, 11… CONTINUE READING

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