NO-FEAR Airlines: A Computer-aided Self-help Treatment for Flying Phobia.

  title={NO-FEAR Airlines: A Computer-aided Self-help Treatment for Flying Phobia.},
  author={Soledad Quero and Daniel de Vasconcelos Campos and Antonio Riera del Amo and Juana Mar{\'i}a Bret{\'o}n-L{\'o}pez and Miquel Tortella-Feliu and Rosa Ma Ba{\~n}os and Cristina Botella},
  journal={Studies in health technology and informatics},
In vivo exposure is the treatment of choice for specific phobias. However, this treatment is linked to a number of limitations in its implementation. Therefore, it is important to develop strategies for improving treatment adherence, acceptance, and dissemination of evidence-based treatments. Information and Communication Technologies, specifically, computerized programs boast advantages in treating flying phobia. NO-FEAR Airlines is a Computer-aided Self-help Treatment for this problem, which… CONTINUE READING
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