NNLO QCD subtraction for top-antitop production in the qq¯$$ q\overline{q} $$ channel

  title={NNLO QCD subtraction for top-antitop production in the qq¯\$\$ q\overline\{q\} \$\$ channel},
  author={Gabriel Abelof and A. Gehrmann-De Ridder and Philipp Maierh{\"o}fer and S. Pozzorini},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe present the computation of the double real and real-virtual contributions to top-antitop pair production in the quark-antiquark channel at leading colour. The qq¯$$ q\overline{q} $$ → tt¯g$$ t\overline{t} g $$ amplitudes contributing to the real-virtual part are computed with OpenLoops, and their numerical stability in the soft and collinear regions is found to be sufficiently high to perform a realistic NNLO calculation in double precision. The subtraction terms required at real… 
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The result derived in this Letter completes the set of NNLO QCD corrections to the total top pair-production cross section at hadron colliders and allows a new level of scrutiny in parton distribution functions and new physics searches.