NMR study of methane + ethane structure I hydrate decomposition.

  title={NMR study of methane + ethane structure I hydrate decomposition.},
  author={Steven F. Dec and Kristen E Bowler and Laura L Stadterman and Carolyn A Koh and E. Dendy Sloan},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={111 20},
The thermally activated decomposition of methane + ethane structure I hydrate was studied with use of 13C magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR as a function of composition and temperature. The observed higher decomposition rate of large sI cages initially filled with ethane gas can be described in terms of a model where a distribution of sI unit cells exists such that a particular unit cell contains zero, one, or two methane molecules in the unit cell; this distribution of unit cells is combined to… CONTINUE READING

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