NMR study of magnetic structure and hyperfine interactions in the binary helimagnet FeP

  title={NMR study of magnetic structure and hyperfine interactions in the binary helimagnet FeP},
  author={Andrey A. Gippius and Alexey V. Tkachev and S. V. Zhurenko and Avinash V. Mahajan and Norbert B{\"u}ttgen and M. Schaedler and I. O. Chernyavskii and Igor V. Morozov and Saicharan Aswartham and Bernd B{\"u}chner and Alexander S. Moskvin},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The main goal of our work was to determine and explore the field dependent transformation of the magnetically ordered helical structure in FeP. The zero-field NMR spectrum for the polycrystalline sample can be easily explained assuming an incommensurate spiral ordering of Fe magnetic moments with a dominating contribution to the local field at the phosphorus nucleus from the Fe - ${}^{31}$P transferred hyperfine interactions. The NMR lineshape of the FeP powder sample gradually changes with… 

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