NMR crystallography of ezetimibe co-crystals.


An efficient, simplified protocol for solvent-drop assisted co-crystal preparation of ezetimibe (a drug for the treatment of primary hypercholesterolemia) with both imidazole and l-proline has been derived. The structures of the white powders were successfully solved via "NMR crystallography" combining solid-state NMR, powder X-ray diffraction and DFT… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.ssnmr.2014.11.002


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@article{Ldeker2015NMRCO, title={NMR crystallography of ezetimibe co-crystals.}, author={David L{\"u}deker and Gunther Brunklaus}, journal={Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance}, year={2015}, volume={65}, pages={29-40} }