NMR and structural properties of CsAu and RbAu

  title={NMR and structural properties of CsAu and RbAu},
  author={G{\'e}rard Tinelli and Donald F. Holcomb},
  • Gérard Tinelli, Donald F. Holcomb
  • Published 1978
  • Chemistry
  • Abstract NMR and X-ray diffraction studies of granular samples of the intermetallic compounds, CsAu and RbAu, are reported. Studies of X-ray line intensities indicate that the CsCl lattice structure is well ordered for both materials. For the semiconducting compound CsAu, excess Cs in the lattice is shown to be the primary source of conduction electrons. X-ray studies show an expansion of lattice constant with addition of excess Cs. Measurements of NMR line shapes, Knight shifts, and relaxation… CONTINUE READING

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