NLRX1 is a regulator of mitochondrial antiviral immunity

  title={NLRX1 is a regulator of mitochondrial antiviral immunity},
  author={Chris B. Moore and Daniel T. Bergstralh and Joseph A Duncan and Yu Lei and Thomas E Morrison and Albert G. Zimmermann and Mary Ann V. Accavitti-Loper and Victoria J Madden and Lijun Sun and Zhengmao Ye and John D. Lich and Mark T. Heise and Zhijian Chen and Jenny P-Y. Ting},
The RIG-like helicase (RLH) family of intracellular receptors detect viral nucleic acid and signal through the mitochondrial antiviral signalling adaptor MAVS (also known as Cardif, VISA and IPS-1) during a viral infection. MAVS activation leads to the rapid production of antiviral cytokines, including type 1 interferons. Although MAVS is vital to antiviral immunity, its regulation from within the mitochondria remains unknown. Here we describe human NLRX1, a highly conserved nucleotide-binding… CONTINUE READING
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