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NLO inclusive $J/\psi$ photoproduction at large $P_T$ at HERA and the EIC

  title={NLO inclusive \$J/\psi\$ photoproduction at large \$P\_T\$ at HERA and the EIC},
  author={Carlo Flore and J.P. Lansberg and Hua-Sheng Shao and Yelizaveta Yedelkina},
We study inclusive J/ψ photoproduction at NLO at large PT at HERA and the EIC. Our computation includes NLO QCD leading-PT corrections, QED contributions via an off-shell photon as well as those from J/ψ+charm channels. For the latter, we employ the variable-flavournumber scheme. Our results are found to agree with the latest HERA data by H1 and provide, for the first time, a reliable estimate of the EIC reach for such a measurement. Finally, we demonstrate the observability of J/ψ+charm… Expand

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