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NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions

  title={NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions},
  author={Frank W. J. Olver and Daniel W. Lozier and Ronald F. Boisvert and Charles W. Clark},
Modern developments in theoretical and applied science depend on knowledge of the properties of mathematical functions, from elementary trigonometric functions to the multitude of special functions. These functions appear whenever natural phenomena are studied, engineering problems are formulated, and numerical simulations are performed. They also crop up in statistics, financial models, and economic analysis. Using them effectively requires practitioners to have ready access to a reliable… 
Mathematical Software for Modified Bessel Functions
A Tau method computational scheme is applied for the constructive approximation of a system of differential equations solutions related to the differential equation of hypergeometric type and the choice of the perturbation term is a shifted Chebyshev polynomial with a special form of selected transition and normalization.
Symbolic description of the polynomial roots and their numerical implementation - better than in Mathematica software?
The decomposition of polynomials belonging to some two-parameter family of poynomials related to the Chebyshev polynmials of the first kind is presented.
A Special Functions Handbook for the Digital Age
The main goals of the project were to identify those mathematical functions and their properties that are most important in application, to present this information in a concise form accessible to practitioners, and to disseminate it to the widest possible audience.
On an Improvement of the Numerical Application for Cardano ’ s Formula in Mathematica Software
A program for determining, by symbolic description, the roots of each real cubic polynomial on the basis of the well known Mathematica software is developed completely satisfying expectations and even more.
Comparative Verification of the Digital Library of Mathematical Functions and Computer Algebra Systems
This paper uses a previously developed conversion tool to translate formulae from the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions to the computer algebra systems Maple and Mathematica, and presents the most comprehensive verification ofComputer algebra systems and digital mathematical libraries with one another.
Solving systems of transcendental equations involving the Heun functions
A new algorithm for solving a system of two nonlinear transcendental equations with two complex variables based on the Muller algorithm is proposed, particularly useful in systems featuring the Heun functions and for them, the new algorithm gives distinctly better results than Newton's and Broyden's methods.
Matrix Inverse Trigonometric and Inverse Hyperbolic Functions: Theory and Algorithms
Theoretical and computational aspects of matrix inverse trigonometric and inverse hyperbolic functions are studied, and the principal values acos, asin, acosh, and asinh are defined and shown to be unique primary matrix functions.
Theory and Algorithms for Periodic Functions of Matrices, with Applications
The matrix unwinding function is shown to be useful for computing the matrix exponential using an idea of argument reduction, and theoretical and computational aspects of matrix inverse trigonometric and inverse hyperbolic functions are studied.
Theory, Methods, and Applications of Fractional Calculus
This special issue contains papers about recent theoretical development and methods and applications results on the topics in almost all branches of sciences and engineering and some new algorithms and procedures designed to explore conventional, fractional, and time-scales differential equations of general interest.