NILE: wide-area computing for high energy physics

  title={NILE: wide-area computing for high energy physics},
  author={Keith Marzullo and Michael Ogg and Aleta Ricciardi and Alessandro Amoroso and F. Andrew Calkins and Eric Rothfus},
  booktitle={ACM SIGOPS European Workshop},
The CLEO project [2], centered at Cornell University, is alarge-scale high energy physics project. The goals of the projectarise from an esoteric question---why is there apparently so littleantimatter in the universe?---and the computational problems thatarise in trying to answer this question are quite challenging. To answer this question, the CESR storage ring at Cornell isused to generate a beam of electrons directed at an equally strongbeam of positrons. These two beams meet inside a… CONTINUE READING
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