• Physics
  • Published 1998

NICMOS Camera 2 Coronagraphic ACQs

  title={NICMOS Camera 2 Coronagraphic ACQs},
  author={Alfred B. Schultz and Keith S. Noll and A. E. G. Storrs and John J. Bacinski and Wayne Edward Baggett and Dorothy Ann Fraquelli},
The NICMOS Camera 2 coronagraphic target acquisition capability (mode: ACQ) wa successfully tested on 1998 February 6. The scheduling and execution of coronagra programs was started during February 1998. The NICMOS target acquisition allows user to acquire a point source and position it into the coronagraphic hole. We are mon ing the coronagraphic programs to search for any potential problems that could impa the success or failure of the ACQs. We have evaluated 38 Camera 2 on-board ACQ describe… CONTINUE READING