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NGC 2419: an "intergalactic wanderer" or a simple Galactic Globular Cluster?

  title={NGC 2419: an "intergalactic wanderer" or a simple Galactic Globular Cluster?},
  author={M. Criscienzo and C. Greco and M. Dall'ora and V. Ripepi and G. Clementini and M. Marconi and L. Federici and L. Fabrizio and I. Musella and L. Baldacci and M. Maio},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
We have carried out a new photometric study of the remote Galactic globular cluster NGC 2419, using proprietary and archive B,V,I time-series CCD photometry of the cluster, that allowed us to discover a large number of new variable stars and to obtain a new colour magnitude diagram that reaches V ~26 mag over a field of 50X43 square arcmin centered on NGC 2419. The new variables include 39 RR Lyrae and 11 SX Phoenicis stars. The pulsation properties of the new RR Lyrae stars confirm and… Expand