NG2 cells: Properties, progeny and origin.

  title={NG2 cells: Properties, progeny and origin.},
  author={Jacqueline Trotter and Khalad Karram and Akiko Nishiyama},
  journal={Brain research reviews},
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The NG2 proteoglycan is a type 1-transmembrane protein expressed by a range of cell types within and outside the mammalian nervous system. NG2-expressing (NG2) cells are found in grey and white matter tracts of the developing and adult CNS and have previously been assumed to represent oligodendrocyte precursor cells: new work using transgenic mice has shown that NG2 cells generate oligodendrocytes, protoplasmic astrocytes and in some instances neurons in vivo. NG2 cells express GABAA receptors… CONTINUE READING