NFAT transcription factors in control of peripheral T cell tolerance.

  title={NFAT transcription factors in control of peripheral T cell tolerance.},
  author={E. Serfling and Stefan Klein-Hessling and Alois Palmetshofer and Tobias Bopp and M. Janna Stassen and Edgar Schmitt},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={36 11},
The Ca++-regulated calcineurin/NFAT cascade is one of the crucial signalling pathways that controls adaptive immunity. However, a number of novel experimental data suggest that, in addition to their role in T cell activation, NFATc transcription factors play also a decisive role in the generation of peripheral tolerance against self-antigens. This function of NFATc factors is mediated by controlling activation-induced cell death and clonal anergy of T helper cells and the activity of regulatory… CONTINUE READING


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