NF-protocadherin and TAF1 regulate retinal axon initiation and elongation in vivo.

  title={NF-protocadherin and TAF1 regulate retinal axon initiation and elongation in vivo.},
  author={Michael Piper and Asha Dwivedy and Louis C. Leung and Roger Bradley and Christine E Holt},
  journal={The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience},
  volume={28 1},
NF-protocadherin (NFPC)-mediated cell-cell adhesion plays a critical role in vertebrate neural tube formation. NFPC is also expressed during the period of axon tract formation, but little is known about its function in axonogenesis. Here we have tested the role of NFPC and its cytosolic cofactor template-activating factor 1 (TAF1) in the emergence of the Xenopus retinotectal projection. NFPC is expressed in the developing retina and optic pathway and is abundant in growing retinal axons… CONTINUE READING


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protocadherin is essential for growth of striatal axons and thalamocortical projections

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