NF-kB inhibitor blocks B cell development at two checkpoints

  title={NF-kB inhibitor blocks B cell development at two checkpoints},
  author={Biao Feng and S. W. Priscilla Cheng and Warren S Pear and H C Liou},
  journal={Medical Immunology},
  pages={1 - 1}
Members of the NF-kB transcription factor family are differentially expressed in the B cell lineage. Disruption of individual or two NF-kB subunits exhibits distinct defects in B lymphocyte development, activation, and survival. However, the role each NF-kB plays during B cell development has been obscured by molecular compensation. To address this issue, a trans-dominant form of IkBalpha was transduced into bone marrow cells to act as a pan-inhibitor of NF-kB using a retroviral system. While… CONTINUE READING