NF-κB directs dynamic super enhancer formation in inflammation and atherogenesis.

  title={NF-κB directs dynamic super enhancer formation in inflammation and atherogenesis.},
  author={Jonathan D Brown and Charles Y. Lin and Qiong Duan and Gabriel K. Griffin and Alexander J. Federation and Ronald M. Paranal and Steven M Bair and Gail Newton and Andrew H. Lichtman and Andrew L Kung and Tianlun Yang and Hong Dan Wang and Francis W. Luscinskas and Kevin J. Croce and James E. Bradner and Jorge Plutzky},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={56 2},
Proinflammatory stimuli elicit rapid transcriptional responses via transduced signals to master regulatory transcription factors. To explore the role of chromatin-dependent signal transduction in the atherogenic inflammatory response, we characterized the dynamics, structure, and function of regulatory elements in the activated endothelial cell epigenome. Stimulation with tumor necrosis factor alpha prompted a dramatic and rapid global redistribution of chromatin activators to massive de novo… CONTINUE READING
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