NF-κB and Snail1a coordinate the cell cycle with gastrulation

  title={NF-κB and Snail1a coordinate the cell cycle with gastrulation},
  author={Xiaolin Liu and Sizhou Huang and Jun Ma and Chun Hui Li and Yao-guang Zhang and Lingfei Luo},
  booktitle={The Journal of cell biology},
The cell cycle needs to strictly coordinate with developmental processes to ensure correct generation of the body plan and different tissues. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the coordination remains largely unknown. In this study, we investigate how the cell cycle coordinates gastrulation cell movements in zebrafish. We present a system to modulate the cell cycle in early zebrafish embryos by manipulating the geminin-Cdt1 balance. Alterations of the cell cycle change the apoptotic… CONTINUE READING


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