NF-κB Activation: The IκB Kinase Revealed?

  title={NF-κB Activation: The IκB Kinase Revealed?},
  author={Ilana Stancovski and David Baltimore},
agents, although with kinetics slower than those of I␬B␣ Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 phosphorylation (DiDonato et al., 1996). There are ho-mologous putative phosphorylation sites on I␬B⑀ as well (Baeuerle and Baltimore, 1996). More than a decade ago, the transcriptional activator In vivo, phosphorylation of I␬B occurs when it is com-NF-␬B was described as a protein that bound to a spe-plexed with NF-␬B and does not cause dissociation of cific DNA site in the intronic enhancer of the immuno… CONTINUE READING
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