title={NEW SEXISM?},
  author={Bethan Benwell},
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A common motif of “new” forms of masculinity in recent years has been the adoption of what have been termed “new sexism” discourses. This involves the legitimation of male power in new and creative ways, often by the strategic accommodation or negotiation of liberal, progressive or feminist discourses. This paper examines one particular “new sexism” device—irony. Irony is a versatile device in men's magazines which allows a speaker to articulate both anti-feminist sentiments as well as engage… 
Sexism Re-Loaded … or Sexism Re-Presented?
If part of the project of a feminist media studies is to explore the various ways in which sexism operates through the media, then how might this be achieved? Any answer to this question will depend
“A pit to put women in”: professionalism, work intensification, sexualisation and work–life balance in the legal profession in England and Wales
Abstract Today, the rhetorical commitment to diversity and inclusion is almost universally espoused across the legal profession in England and Wales, and issues such as the position of women lawyers
Talking About Sexism
This article investigates “meta-sexist” talk in U.S. media discussions regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failed bid for the U.S. Democratic nomination in 2007-2008. More specifically, it describes
“We Are So Pumped Full of Shit by the Media”
Men’s lifestyle magazines have long since been the focus of theorists in their examination of masculinity. However, research concerning men’s responses to such content, and whether these
Pin Ups and Political Passions: Citizenship Address in Post-War Men’s Magazines
Men’s magazines have mostly been analysed in terms of representations of male sexuality and heteronormative, masculine identity. However, the post-war Finnish men’s magazines of the late 1940s and
Traversing the Matriarch's Domain: How Young Men Negotiate the Feminized Space of Fashion Consumption and Self-Presentation
Purpose – To explore how young men negotiate the matriarchal domain of fashion consumption and self-presentation, observing techniques adopted by these men to navigate this feminized space and
“But I am still a girl after all”: A Discourse Analysis of Femininities in Popular Japanese Manga Comics
Where progression towards gender equality is concerned, Japan lags behind most other developed countries with its culture which heavily values tradition. However, its traditional gender roles may be
Side-splitting masculinity: comedy, Mr Bean and the representation of masculinities in contemporary society
This article concerns itself with the characterisation of Mr Bean and the popularity this particular representation of masculinity has enjoyed over the past 10 years. It contends that the character
Is there a link between ‘Lad Culture’ and sexual violence against women in the UK?
This dissertation will question whether lad culture has impacted upon attitudes towards sexual violence against women. In order to research this topic, I will conduct several interviews and focus


Men and the Discursive Reproduction of Sexism: Repertoires of Difference and Equality
Discourses around masculinities have recently attracted critical attention from feminist social psychology. The present paper contributes to this field by problematizing talk around gender equality
Ironic Discourse
This article takes as its textual focus the U.K. men’s lifestyle magazine and explores the notion that irony is strategically employed in the partial constitution (and evasion) of a specific
Constructions of equality and discrimination in professional men's talk.
  • Sarah C E Riley
  • Sociology, Psychology
    The British journal of social psychology
  • 2002
The article identifies the absence of an account that conceptualizes both individual and structural facets of equality, as well as the contradiction between support for egalitarian employment practices and the maintenance of occupational androcentrism.
Making Sense of Men's Magazines
Acknowledgements. 1 Introduction. Reading Magazines. Theorizing Masculinities. Consumption, the Media and Audience Studies. 2 The Media and the Market. The Magazine Market. Contemporary Media
‘Lucky this is anonymous.’ Ethnographies of reception in men’s magazines: a ‘textual culture’ approach
In this article I address the contribution that a study of reader reception might make to our understanding of the cultural meanings of the discourses to be found in and around men’s magazines.
Hard Looks: Masculinities, Spectatorship and Contemporary Consumption
© 1996 by Sean Nixon. All rights reserved. Why start with this invocation of a 50-second television and cinema advertisement that ran in the UK from Boxing Day 1985 through until the Autumn of 1986?
Reading Women's Magazines
In the US, at least, debate about the politics of the women’s magazine has raged about as long as the genre has been popular—and proŽ table. Criticism of the genre’s intentions and its effects began
The art(fulness) of open-ended interviewing: some considerations on analysing interviews
Considerable analytic attention has focused on interviewees’ talk as ‘accounts’, or ‘versions’, rather than as direct reports of attitudes or perceptions. However, despite recognition of the
More! New sexualities in girls' and women's magazines
A companion volume to "Mass Media and Society", this textbook is an introduction to cultural studies, written by influential scholars and researchers in the field. It offers a critical guided tour
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