author={Werner Rodejohann},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics E-nuclear Physics},
  • W. Rodejohann
  • Published 2011
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Modern Physics E-nuclear Physics
We review the particle physics aspects of neutrino-less double beta decay. This process can be mediated by light massive Majorana neutrinos (standard interpretation) or by something else (non-standard interpretations). The physics potential of both interpretations is summarized and the consequences of future measurements or improved limits on the half-life of neutrino-less double beta decay are discussed. We try to cover all proposed alternative realizations of the decay, including light… Expand
Heavy Sterile Neutrinos and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Sterile neutrinos of mass up to a few tens of TeV can saturate the present experimental bound of neutrinoless double beta decay process. Due to the updated nuclear matrix elements, the bound on massExpand
Neutrinoless double-beta decay and physics beyond the standard model
Neutrinoless double-beta decay is the most powerful tool to probe not only for Majorana neutrino masses but for lepton number violating physics in general. We discuss relations between lepton numberExpand
Neutrinoless double beta decay and neutrino physics
The connection of neutrino physics with the neutrinoless double-beta decay is reviewed. After presenting the current status of the Pontecorvo–Maki–Nakagawa–Sakata matrix and the theoreticalExpand
Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: a Probe of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
In the Standard Model the total lepton number is conserved. Thus, neutrinoless double-beta decay, in which the total lepton number is violated by two units, is a probe of physics beyond the StandardExpand
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay: 2015 Review
The discovery of neutrino masses through the observation of oscillations boosted the importance of neutrinoless double beta decay (). In this paper, we review the main features of this process,Expand
Vanishing effective mass of the neutrinoless double beta decay including light sterile neutrinos
Light sterile neutrinos with masses at the sub-eV or eV scale are hinted by current experimental and cosmological data. Assuming the Majorana nature of these hypothetical particles, we discuss theirExpand
Lattice QCD Inputs for nuclear double beta decay
Second order beta-decay processes with and without neutrinos in the final state are key probes of nuclear physics and of the nature of neutrinos. Neutrinoful double-beta decay is the rarest StandardExpand
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Heavy Sterile Neutrinos
The experimental rate of neutrinoless double beta decay can be saturated by the exchange of virtual sterile neutrinos, that mix with the ordinary neutrinos and are heavier than 200 MeV.Expand
Neutrinos and Collider Physics
We review the collider phenomenology of neutrino physics and the synergetic aspects at energy, intensity and cosmic frontiers to test the new physics behind the neutrino mass mechanism. InExpand
Empirical Survey of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Matrix Elements
Neutrinoless double beta decay has been the subject of intensive theoretical work as it represents the only practical approach to discovering whether neutrinos are Majorana particles or not, andExpand


Statistical analysis of future neutrino mass experiments including neutrino-less double beta decay
We perform a statistical analysis with the prospective results of future experiments on neutrino-less double beta decay, direct searches for neutrino mass (KATRIN) and cosmological observations.Expand
Double Beta Decay, Majorana Neutrinos, and Neutrino Mass
The theoretical and experimental issues relevant to neutrinoless double beta decay are reviewed. The impact that a direct observation of this exotic process would have on elementary particle physics,Expand
Effects of light and heavy Majorana neutrinos in neutrinoless double beta decay
Abstract We examine interference effects between the light neutrino and the heavy neutral lepton exchange amplitudes in neutrinoless double beta [(ββ) 0 ν ] decay. Using the lower limit on theExpand
Double beta decay
We review the recent developments in the field of nuclear double beta decay, which is presently an important topic in both nuclear and particle physics. The mechanism of lepton number violationExpand
LHC and B physics probes of neutrinoless double beta decay in supersymmetry without R-parity
In the event of an observation of neutrinoless double beta decay, a relevant question would be: what lepton number violating physics is responsible for the decay? The exchange of Majorana neutrinosExpand
Neutrinoless double beta decay: Electron angular correlation as a probe of new physics
The angular distribution of the final electrons in the so-called long range mechanism of the neutrinoless double beta decay ($0\nu2\beta$) is derived for the general Lorentz invariant effectiveExpand
Double beta decay
Developments in the theoretical investigation of nuclear double-beta decay are reviewed. In particular, the neutrinoless mode is discussed in detail, since it is sensitive to lepton number violationExpand
Pinning down the mechanism of neutrinoless double beta decay with measurements in different nuclei.
It is found that the change in corresponding ratios of half lives varies from 60% for supersymmetric models up to a factor of 5-20 for extra-dimensional and left-right-symmetric mechanisms. Expand
Heavy sterile neutrinos and neutrinoless double beta decay
Abstract We investigate the possibility of producing neutrinoless double beta decay without having an electron neutrino with a mass in the vicinity of 1 eV. We do so by having a much lighter electronExpand
Schizophrenic neutrinos and ν-less double beta decay
Abstract We point out a new possibility for neutrinos where all neutrino flavors can be part Dirac and part Majorana. Our primary motivation comes from an attempt to use supersymmetric seesaw modelsExpand