NCCN Practice Guidelines for Cancer-Related Fatigue.

  title={NCCN Practice Guidelines for Cancer-Related Fatigue.},
  author={Victoria Mock and Ashley Atkinson and Andrea Marie Barsevick and David Cella and Bernadine Cimprich and Charles S. Cleeland and Jeannie Donnelly and Mario A. Eisenberger and Carmen Escalante and Pamela Hinds and Paul B. Jacobsen and Phyllis Kaldor and Sara J. Knight and Amy Peterman and Barbara Fliegel Piper and Hope S Rugo and Paul J Sabbatini and Cindy L. Stahl},
  volume={14 11A},
These guidelines propose a treatment algorithm in which patients are evaluated regularly for fatigue, using a brief screening instrument, and are treated as indicated by their fatigue level. The algorithm's goal is to identify and treat all patients with fatigue that causes distress or interferes with daily activities or functioning. Management of fatigue begins with primary oncology team members who perform the initial screening and either provide basic education and counseling or expand the… CONTINUE READING


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