NCAM polysialic acid can regulate both cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions

  title={NCAM polysialic acid can regulate both cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions},
  author={Ann Acheson and Jeffrey L. Sunshine and Urs Rutishauser},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={143 - 153}
We have proposed previously that the polysialic acid (PSA) moiety of NCAM can influence membrane-membrane apposition, and thereby serve as a selective regulator of a variety of contact-dependent cell interactions. In this study, cell and tissue culture models are used to obtain direct evidence that the presence of PSA on the surface membrane can affect both cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions. Using a neuroblastoma/sensory neuron cell hybrid, it was found that removal of PSA with a… CONTINUE READING
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