NAV-based Load Aware Routing protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks

  title={NAV-based Load Aware Routing protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks},
  author={Dong-Won Kum and Won-Kyeong Seo and Jae-In Choi and You Ze Cho},
  journal={2010 International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC)},
We propose a Network Allocation Vector (NAV) based Load Aware Routing (NA-LAR) protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks. NA-LAR is basically based on the Directional AODV (D-AODV)) to reduce the number of route request packet broadcast by using a restricted directional flooding technique. It also considers network conditions with NAV which indicates the busyness of the medium in IEEE 802.11, and it is used to find load balanced routing path. Thus, NA-LAR can find a less loaded route, and it leads to… CONTINUE READING