NATO survey of mental health training in army recruits.

  title={NATO survey of mental health training in army recruits.},
  author={Amy B. Adler and Roos Delahaij and Suzanne M Bailey and Carlo Van den Berge and Merle Parmak and Barend van Tussenbroek and Jos{\'e} Manuel de la Puente and Sandra Landratova and Pavel Kr{\'a}l and Guenter Kreim and Deirdre Rietdijk and Dennis M McGurk and Carl Andrew Castro},
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To-date, there has been no international review of mental health resilience training during Basic Training nor an assessment of what service members perceive as useful from their perspective. In response to this knowledge gap, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Human Factors & Medicine Research & Technology Task Group "Mental Health Training" initiated a survey and interview with seven to twenty recruits from nine nations to inform the development of such training (N = 121). All… CONTINUE READING