NATO Enlargement—Was There a Promise?

  title={NATO Enlargement—Was There a Promise?},
  author={Mark Kramer and Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson},
  journal={International Security},
Joshua Shifrinson’s article “Deal or No Deal?” presents a oawed account of the negotiations in 1990 that led to the reuniacation of Germany.1 His observations at the end of the piece about Russian foreign policy under Vladimir Putin overlook the continuity of Russian policy toward neighboring countries since 1992, long before Putin came to power.2 In an article published in April 2009, I set out to determine whether it was true that, at some point during the 1990 negotiations on Germany, Soviet… Expand
How to Enlarge NATO: The Debate inside the Clinton Administration, 1993–95
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  • Political Science
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Newly available sources show how the 1993–95 debate over the best means of expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization unfolded inside the Clinton administration. This evidence comes fromExpand
The Dilemmas of a Four-Headed Russian Eagle for the EU: Russia as Conflict Instigator, Mediator, Saviour and Perpetuator
  • R. Fawn
  • Political Science
  • Managing Security Threats along the EU’s Eastern Flanks
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Through the use of a metaphor of a four-headed eagle, this chapter argues that the multiple ways by which the Russian Federation engages with Europe, including both with other post-Soviet states andExpand
Russian Insecurities: How Fear Drives Perception in the Near Abroad
Abstract Interpreting Russian actions in the Near Abroad relies on the perception of Russian intent, but all too often states fail to analyse how Moscow interprets Western objectives. While defensiveExpand
‘Understanding’ for Russia in Germany: international triangle meets domestic politics
‘Understanding’ for Vladimir Putin’s Russia is present across Germany’s political spectrum, in business sectors, and within society/the electorate at large. It was boosted by the outcome of the 201...
From Hamburg and Munich to Tallinn and Burgas


The Myth of a No-NATO-Enlargement Pledge to Russia
In the latter half of the 1990s, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was preparing to expand its membership for the first time since the admission of Spain in 1982, Russian officialsExpand
Deal or No Deal? The End of the Cold War and the U.S. Offer to Limit NATO Expansion
Did the United States promise the Soviet Union during the 1990 negotiations on German reunification that NATO would not expand into Eastern Europe? Since the end of the Cold War, an array ofExpand
Deal or no deal?
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  • Economics, Medicine
  • Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)
  • 2008
Prime minister Gordon Brown's proposal for three-year pay deals for NHS staff would enable them to know what they will be earning in three years' time, and the big question is whether that certainty gives a financial advantage or disadvantage. Expand
Der Kreml und die deutsche Wiedervereinigung, 1990 [The Kremlin and German reunification
  • 1990
For further Soviet interest in European security as German reunification began, see diary entries by Gorbachev advisor Anatoly Chernyaev for January 3, 21, and 28
  • The Diary of Anatoly S. Chernyaev
  • 1990
For our respective interpretations of the February 1990 talks, see Mark Kramer
  • Washington Quarterly
I thank Thomas Blanton for this observation
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    Shevardnadze Speaks on the Georgia Crisis