NACO-SDI Direct Imaging Search for the Exoplanet Eri b

  title={NACO-SDI Direct Imaging Search for the Exoplanet Eri b},
  author={Markus Janson and Wolfgang Brandner and Thomas L. Henning and Rainer Lenzen and Barbara McArthur and George F. Benedict and Sabine Reffert and Eric L. Nielsen and Laird Close and Beth Alison Biller and Stephan Kellner and Eike W. Guenther and Artie P. Hatzes and Elena Masciadri and Kerstin Geissler and Markus Hartung},
  • Markus Janson, Wolfgang Brandner, +13 authors Markus Hartung
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • The active K2 V star Eri hosts the nearest known extrasolar planet. With an angular separation of about 1'' on average, and an age of a few to several hundred megayears, Eri b is one of the prime candidates for becoming the first definitive extrasolar planet imaged directly. We present a multiepoch deep differential imaging survey performed with NACO-SDI at the VLT with the aim of finding the planet. The results are combined with recent astrometry in an attempt to further constrain the… CONTINUE READING

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