N2-fixing root nodules in Ulmaceae:Parasponia or (and)Trema spp.?

  title={N2-fixing root nodules in Ulmaceae:Parasponia or (and)Trema spp.?},
  author={Antoon D. L. Akkermans and Sa'adatu Abdulkadir and Michael J Trinick},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
A description was given of the nodulation and N2-fixing activity ofParasponia parviflora Miq. (Ulmaceae) in Indonesia. In addition, the taxonomic position of nodulated specimens which previously have been identified asTrema cannabina has been re-investigated. It is concluded that nodulated specimens of Ulmaceae all belong to Parasponia. A review was given of neglected literature on the occurrence of root nodules in Ulmaceae in Indonesia.