N-terminal and cDNA characterization of murine lymphocyte antigen Ly-6C.2.

  title={N-terminal and cDNA characterization of murine lymphocyte antigen Ly-6C.2.},
  author={Roger G. E. Palfree and Sonia Sirlin and Francis J. Dumont and Ulrich H{\"a}mmerling},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={140 1},
The Ly-6C.2 molecule was purified from K36 tumor cells by affinity chromatography and gel filtration. The electrophoretically homogeneous preparation, with m.w. 15,000, was tested with a panel of antibodies that confirmed the presence of the LY-6C.2 epitope. An N-terminal sequence of 39 amino acids was obtained showing 59% homology with the corresponding portion of the Ly-6A.2 polypeptide. Based on the least homologous (29%) 14 amino acid segment, an oligonucleotide probe was constructed, and… CONTINUE READING
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