N-point spherical functions and asymptotic boundary KZB equations

  title={N-point spherical functions and asymptotic boundary KZB equations},
  author={Jasper V. Stokman and Nicolai Reshetikhin},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
Let $G$ be a split real connected Lie group with finite center. In the first part of the paper we define and study formal elementary spherical functions. They are formal power series analogues of elementary spherical functions on $G$ in which the role of the quasi-simple admissible $G$-representations is replaced by Verma modules. For generic highest weight we express the formal elementary spherical functions in terms of Harish-Chandra series and integrate them to spherical functions on the… 
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Bi-Hamiltonian structure of Sutherland models coupled to two u(n)* -valued spins from Poisson reduction
We introduce a bi-Hamiltonian hierarchy on the cotangent bundle of the real Lie group GL(n,C) , and study its Poisson reduction with respect to the action of the product group U(n) × U(n) arising
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. This paper is the first in a series on graphical calculus for quantum vertex operators. We establish in great detail the foundations of graphical calculus for ribbon categories and braided monoidal
Quantum Groups for Restricted SOS Models
We introduce the notion of restricted dynamical quantum groups through their category of representations, which are monoidal categories with a forgetful functor to the category of $\pi$-graded vector


  • Harish-Chandra
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1957
It is shown that 7r2 is invariant under W, and therefore rS = e(8) r (s e W), where e(s) = ± 1 and 7r becomes a polynomial function.
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