N-oxygenation of clozapine by flavin-containing monooxygenase.

  title={N-oxygenation of clozapine by flavin-containing monooxygenase.},
  author={Meera Tugnait and Edward M. Hawes and Gordon McKay and Allan E Rettie and Robert L Haining and Kamal K. Midha},
  journal={Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals},
  volume={25 4},
The involvement of FMO in the N-oxygenation of CLZ was investigated by use of purified FMOs and human liver microsomes that contained the mean amount of immunoreactive FMO3 relative to other human liver microsomal preparations in a liver bank. In the microsomal preparation the involvement of FMO was indicated through enzyme inhibition by methimazole, heat inactivation, and protection against heat inactivation by NADPH. Also the Michaelis-Menten kinetic constant; KM determined for CLZ N… CONTINUE READING


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