N-glycoproteomics in plants: perspectives and challenges.

  title={N-glycoproteomics in plants: perspectives and challenges.},
  author={Wei Song and Maurice G. L. Henquet and Remco A Mentink and Aalt Jan van Dijk and Jan J H G Cordewener and D. Bosch and Antoine H. P. America and Alexander R van der Krol},
  journal={Journal of proteomics},
  volume={74 8},
In eukaryotes, proteins that are secreted into the ER are mostly modified by N-glycans on consensus NxS/T sites. The N-linked glycan subsequently undergoes varying degrees of processing by enzymes which are spatially distributed over the ER and the Golgi apparatus. The post-ER N-glycan processing to complex glycans differs between animals and plants, with consequences for N-glycan and glycopeptide isolation and characterization of plant glycoproteins. Here we describe some recent developments… CONTINUE READING

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